1. give it up for bangers.

nailed my new music blog

mainstream used to be a blog on wordpress. a while ago it ran into some difficulty about the content it was posting, so it was swiftly deleted and forever removed from the blogosphere. to be honest i wasn’t really sure if it’d ever return in any form, but yet here we are months later. it’s 2012, bangers are killing it and electronic music is taking over. so here’s another blog dedicated to anything electronic. be it any genre that comes up (no snobs here except to the rubbish you hear on the radio) it will get posted on here if it’s good. i’m undecided on whether it will be fixed or just regular posting, here it is. formerly mainstream, now i am not a jukebox. because you shouldn’t make shit requests! stay tuned, and if you don’t like it there’s no point arguing with me about it, just don’t visit the site and fuck off. problem solved. later.

– adam.

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